Saturday, May 3, 2014

Putting down some practice

I thought I'd throw in a short one while working on another entry. While reading for my matriculation exams, I had this weird goal of filling an area on my wall with drawings (Yeah, I got my priorities straight. Drawing > Working towards a successful future. Story of my life.). While I didn't quite draw enough to fill that space, I did create one or two really interesting drawings. The one shown in this entry some of you might recognize, actually. A few entries back, I posted a drawing of a woman which is quite similar to this one. I actually drew both in the same evening, trying hard to figure out the female face.

Just because you know how something looks doesn't mean you're able to draw it. At least I can't do that. I see my foot every damn day but if you asked me to draw a foot... Yeah, no. You have to practice different things individually. If you draw a loot of hands, you really only get good at... Drawing hands. A couple other certain aspects of your drawing skills might also improve, but you will still have problems drawing things that aren't hands. 

I've seen that happen to a couple of artists. Eyes are a popular motive, and some people just draw tons of those familiar windows to the world (Or soul, depending on what kind of person you ask.), and they get really good at it. In the end, what they end up with is a deviantart account full of sweet drawings of eyes, but not much else. It's like knowing how to play one song on the guitar, and knowing it really well. It's handy if you want to impress strangers, but you won't impress any musicians.

Anyway, I'm a lot better at drawing male faces than female faces, so I wanted to put down some work on diversifying my repertoire.

I'm not blogging from home right now, and I didn't have any of my usual equipment or software at hand, so the quality is a little bit... Uh, crap. It's better than nothing, though. Many of my recent uploads were photographed using my phone, which explains why they aren't exactly as sharp as one might wish. I don't have access to a scanner, and it's a lot more work to photograph them with my DSLR than it is to snap a quick picture with my Nokia phone, which automatically backs up all my photos over the internet, onto my PC at home or wherever I need to access it. Alas, this time the quality suffered a little more than usual.

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