Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lazy summers

Always been. I mean, I haven't even been blogging! Gee. 

And now I don't know what to write about.

One thing sucks, and that's growing up. There's such pressure, and in the summertime, the feeling is acute. I should be working right now, but I don't have a job. Christ. But the only jobs readily available are shit. I'm not sitting by a desk selling tabloid-subscriptions to grumpy people, I'd rather cope with the shame of not working at all, and having no money of my own.

But that's just one of the things grown ups are supposed to do. Be productive, happy, social, have fulfilling hobbies, study hard, work well, plan a career, plan a life. Besides that, you need to stay fit, sleep enough, and not go bald. Personally, I need to keep blogging, fend for friends, draw, keep developing as an artist, get some and take my fucking drivers license already.

If this were a sort of bucket list, I'd be cool with that. But these are all things that you need to keep doing, all your life. The chores of managing a life regrettably don't leave much time for living. I guess the key to actually being happy would be tuning all these chores into positive things. A positive attitude, things are only as fun as you make them, isn't it so? 

I haven't been drawing much, either. The seagull is pretty cool, but it's not like putting arms on a bird was my idea, I kinda saw it on the internet. And then I drew a skull. As an artist, your're supposed to be creative. Why am I not? I don't know. I need something to happen in my life, I need inspiration. 


  1. It's scary how much I can relate to this post...

    I guess that could be the case for quite many people of our age. Growing up can be quite challenging indeed. Not only that, but it is full of uncertainties.

    I've also been feeling like this summer will be over in a jiff. I had planned so much for this summer vacation, but it seems like I can't get everything I wanted to do done. I don't have a job either. I can even relate to that thing about the drivers license. I mean, I turned eighteen three months ago aldready...

    I don't know... I don't feel like becoming your avarage grown-up; in a way I'd rather things stayed a bit more like they are now. It's a bit weird, I've been having these thoughts a lot lately. A certain lack of inspiration has also been creeping up on me. Don't underestimate your drawings however, at least I find them entertaining to watch. Alas, you might be right in that they aren't anything that special.

    Anyway, it feels kind of good getting these things of my chest a bit... I hope you're still enjoying your vacation! I know I am :)

    1. Oh boy, if you think time passes by quickly now, then just til you're 50! Months will melt together, to pass as quickly as like what you and me call minutes!


      It's depressing. When I was a child, an hour was such a looong time. An hour could feel like an eternity. Now? A day isn't even a long time, a week passes just like that. I wonder, will my perception of time keep getting more and more compact? Maybe that's how we die. The world starts passing uncomprehensibly fast, and we're lost forever. I, for one, am not in a hurry for becoming grown up at all.


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