Wednesday, May 15, 2013

cup of life

What safety is there in our lives? Rather, after our lives.

I mean, organic life, us, we, are so incredibly fragile. I'm not someone who would commit suicide, and I'll assure you readers I'm generally quite happy with where I am, but sometimes I think about it. Like when I'm looking out the window, right here, in my apartment. What if I just jumped out? It's the sixth floor, I'd probably die almost instantaneously, and then it would be over. No more, I would die, and never get another go. We only get that one coin, that one credit for the rollercoaster. 

And then it's over. Beyond that point, were fucked forever. Life ends, and you know, if we do get another life, then that won't be us. There is no other life, because you would be born as another person, with another consciousness. And there is no eternal death either, because we are not around to experience it. And Ghandi was oversimplifying things, death will not be like what it was before we were born. An eternity waiting, that has not been experienced, is actually no time at all. An eternity spent not waiting is simply... An eternity. So there was no time before we died, and there's an eternity of time left when we die. Will we experience it? Oh, there's no knowing. 

And the consciousness. What is it? Are we the same as when we were born? No, not necessarily. Well, that depends on your view on death. Is death the nonexistence of our consciousness? If it is, then it can't ever be created again. Not the same one. A new one can be made, but there's no such thing as something flickering in and out of existence. Things cant be rebuilt exactly as they were, because circumstances are never the same. So, when a man dies, and is revived, is that a new consciousness, just with the same memories as the old one? Of course, he would believe he was the same consciousness, because they're virtually unseparateable, undistinguishable. Only difference is, its another consciousness, and the old one is still dead. 

I don't know. Of course, the consciousness could be bound to the brain. Your consciousness could exist only physically. Maybe there is no soul. Well, I don't believe there is, but souls would be cool. Anyway, If there exists only the brain, then when we die, we really are dead. Brains can maybe be rebuilt, but its still a separate brain.

Annoying. The prospects of death are... Annoying. There is no safety in death. Well, I guess there could be found some safety in the uncertainty. We know that we don't know, and can't know, thus there is no point in pondering. We will just have to wait and see. 

Once spilled, you can never make another cup with exactly the same amount of particles in it. It's lost. Eternally. And even if you did manage to do it, it would still be a different cup of particles. 


  1. Hmm... I just came to think of something.

    You bascally wrote that things don't just flicker out of existence and return without any change being applied, since circumstances matter.

    What do you think would be the case if fully functional teleportation ever got invented?

    If a human for a moment ceased to be, only to reappear at a different spot, would that persons consciousness really be the same? Even if every atom in that persons body was transferred to another location in exactly the same formation, would that person really be the same?

    I don't really know... I just thought that the idea was interesting.

    1. In essence, what would take place in teleportation would be the same thing as happens when a man is killed, and then revived. Same consciousness? Maybe. Or perhaps another consciousness with the same memories, in essence, the same person, just with another consciousness. Very thrilling! This also means that we would have no way of telling if you actually die while being teleported. The body and persona coming out at the end of the teleport would be exactly the same as went in, but maybe another consciousness is experiencing it, and the one inhabiting the body before the teleport would be forever gone. The new consciousness would of course think the teleportation was a great success, because it holds the same memories as the old consciousness. In actuality, the old consciousness would be dead.

      Im never teleporting.

      I do recommend you watch the movie "The Prestige", if you havent already. It stars Hugh Jackman and Christopher Nolan... I mean, thats a recipe for win, if anything. I wont spoil the plot, but ill tell you its somewhat related and a sort of parallel phenomenon to what were discussing.

    2. Yes!

      I have indeed already seen that movie, and it was a very good one. However, already before the different stages in the plot occurred, I managed to forsee most of them, based on the subtle hints that were given.

      It was still one of the best movies that I've seen. Christopher Nolan is a true genius (Christopher Nolan was actually the director, while Christian Bale starred as one of the main roles). There is a film that is in some ways quite similar to "The Prestige", called "The Illusionist".

      I recommend you watch it, since I think you might enjoy it. The main actor is Edward Norton, who also played the main part in "Fight Club", together with Brad Pitt.

    3. Oh, but of course, I meant to write it stars Christian Bale... I even double checked it! Not to belittle Christopher Nolans directing, of course. Truly one of the greatest movies I've watched!


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